AEX Development Environment (aexdev)

Software tools and test suites to automate information exchange among various software systems using AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange), a set of XML schemas that support capital facility equipment engineering, procurement, construction, and operations and maintenance work processes.

Additional information about AEX is available on FIATECH's AEX page and at

The Version 1.0 schemas and supporting documentation are available for download.

For those with a fast Internet connection and a lot of disk space who are interested in studying the AEX Version 1.0 schemas in depth, documentation generated by XSDdoc, is available. To read the documentation, download this 62 megabyte zip file and unzip it on your hard drive. You'll need about 2 gigabytes of free disk space in order to perform the extraction. Once you have extracted the files, view xsddoc/index.htm in your browser.

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